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Are You a Paramedic Who Wants to Work Abroad?

  • Does travelling to a new destination excites you?
  • Are you looking for a job that pays competitively?
  • Do you enjoy working in challenging scenarios?
  • Are you earning quite less as a paramedic?

Well, the whatever the answers you may think of, we bet that almost all those working as a paramedic would end up saying ‘Yes’ to the questions above. We aren’t going to tell you about anything related to education and career as a paramedic. Instead, we would talk about why a paramedic from India should go abroad to work and what it takes to be a paramedic in international healthcare facilities across the world.

You might be already aware that healthcare professionals are in short supply around the world, and that includes paramedics too. To extract the possibility out of this potential crisis, all you need to get started is a passport and basic education in paramedics. A paramedic is an emergency medical care provider, who gives primary medical and trauma care to a patient. He/she is a person with the ability to work in rotational shifts and should have presence of mind to take the right decision during an emergency.

There are plenty of job opportunities available across the world for paramedics. They work in government hospitals, private clinics, and trauma centers. Paramedic professionals can also work as medical lab technicians, radiography technicians, radiologists, physiotherapists, speech therapists and audiologists, dialysis therapists, emergency technicians, emergency care practitioners, perfusion technicians, cardiac technicians, and respiratory therapists. Other job avenues include air ambulance, first responders, and with helicopter flight crews, to transport the ill and injured to the nearby medical facilities. Working in such scenarios and conditions is not an easy job because emergency medical services and facilities operate 24×7 and a paramedic professional is required to work for prolonged durations and on evening and weekends when the need arises.

When it comes to the job markets and scope of earning, the biggest market for these professionals is in the Middle East. Nations that thrives on oil production like Saudi Arabia and Kuwait, bring in healthcare workers from other countries to work in medical facilities as doctors, nurses, caregivers and paramedics. The compensation and benefits offered is quite tempting too. For example, Dubai is known to offer experienced paramedics up to $110,000 annually and that is something a paramedic may not earn in his/her home country. Apart from this, there are countries like Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, UK, South Africa and the US that needs millions of healthcare professionals to provide care to the aging population and fill up the manpower needs of hospitals and medical facilities.

To land on a right job, the one that matches to your skills, knowledge and experience, in your preferred country, you should seek assistance of a recruiting agency. This will make the process of locating employers, applying for jobs, and relocating much easier as compared to if you do it all alone. The agency will manage everything from sending your application, completing immigration formalities to scheduling your departure with a job offer at hand, and you can seek answers to questions that are not covered here.

For a paramedic by profession, living and working in a foreign country is a life changing experience and the rewards are great too. Are you someone with a background and experience of working as a paramedic who wants to move abroad for a better career and life? You are just a call away from your dreams. At HealthcareSmartz, we can help you find your dream job at your dream destination. Why wait? Call us now at +91-9876767766.