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CESOP Annual Conference: Improving Safety in Older People

Improving Safety in Older People

Dunkenhalgh Hotel, Lancashire
September 28, 2018

Center of Excellence in Safety for Older People (CESOP) organized an International Conference on Improving Safety in Older People. It was a one day conference in association with a number of partners nationally and internationally. The goal of the conference was to provide updates, the current thoughts, and the latest innovations on improving the safety in the care of the older people in the residential care homes, nursing, hospitals, and the wider community.

Professor Iqbal Singh, an eminent East Lancashire based Consultant Physician, and expert in this field heads CESOP said, “We are living in a society where people are living longer and healthier with demographic projections showing that more than four percent of the population will be aged over 85, and over two percent will be over 65 by the year 2033. We still have huge ongoing challenges around healthcare issues such as falls and frailty, pressure ulcers and VTE, dementia and mental illness, as well as nutrition and medicines management. There is a pressing need for medical, nursing and social care that embodies compassion into all aspects of care, and that consistently treats older people with dignity and respect.”

The conference brought together the leading national and international experts to discuss the strategies and the practical management of people in health, social care, and community. The programme included exchange of opinions with the leaders in the field –

  • Professionalism And Medicine
    Professor Dame Jane Dacre, President, Royal College of Physicians
  • Safety In Diabetes In Older People (MIDFRAIL) And International Guidelines
    Professor Leocadio Rodriguez Manas, Head, Department of Geriatrics, Universitario de Getave, Madrid
  • Dignity, Compassion, Respect
    Sir Keith Pearson, Chair, Health Education England
  • Healthcare Delivery To Care Homes And Challenges On Joint Projects
    Professor Finbarr Martin, Consultant Geriatrician, Guy’s and St Thomas’ Hospital, London
  • Older People’s Care: A National Perspective
    Professor Martin Vernon, National Clinical Director & Consultant in Geriatrics
  • Safety In HQUIP Perspective
    Professor Danny Keenan, Medical Director, Health Quality Improvement
  • Safety: Local And Global
    Professor Ged Byrne, Director Global Engagement, Health Education England

Manipal Dhariwal, CEO and Founder Netsmartz LLC and Co-Founder HealthcareSmart’s take on the CESOP Conference, “I would like to extend our appreciation for the amazing work done by CESOP on Improving Safety in Older People. This is indeed a great initiative depicting your thought process for the older and ageing population. I highly extol your project to bring dignity and respect to older people. I wish you a great success from all of us in your vision and mission. We look forward to work together in this space in India too. All the best once again for all your efforts.”

Nitin Monga, Founder Weexcel Software MD and Co-Founder HealthcareSmartz’s take – “I have heard nothing but immense praise for the conference organized by CESOP. The list of the speakers in this conference itself depicts the stature of this event. You are setting up new benchmarks in the safety and care of the older people it is great noble cause and a mammoth initiative. I am sure UK being an ageing country will definitely be benefited with these initiatives. We wish you a great success for this conference and looking forward to associate on more fronts with CESOP.”

For further information and keynote messages about the CESOP Annual Conference, visit the website


The Centre of Excellence is committed to improving the health and safety of our ever-increasing elderly population, across the whole journey pathway. The organization aims to address issues around improving skills and knowledge and equality focusing on embedding a culture of compassion and respect through influencing attitudes and behaviors at the individual, team, and organization level.

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