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Guaranteed USMLE via MBBS Program in West Indies

MBBS Program in West Indies

The Caribbean region in the last 40 years has developed into a renowned medical educational hub for international student, from countries like India, USA, and the European states. Studying Medicine in the West Indies is a clear and easier way to continue your medical education and practice in the United States. Most of the students studying in West Indies Medical universities have been successful in the Residency placements and are now working and earning well in the United States.

Benefits of studying MBBS in West Indies

  1. Caribbean Medical Institutes are accredited and recognized on several levels –
    • Ministry of Education, Government of Barbados
    • Approved and Listed by WHO/ AVICENNA Directories
    • Foundation for Advancement of International Medical Institution and Research
    • Listed with Medical Council of India
  2. Academic Medicine evaluates the quality of medical education in the Caribbean Islands by examining students’ scores on the United States Licensing Exam (USMLE) Step 1. It can be taken after 2nd year of medical school.
  3. West Indies Medical Institutes that offer clinical training in the US have strict guidelines about the quality of students’ clinical training. Most of the institutes also have the residency program for the students. Students can also take part in USMLE Step 2 after their third year.
  4. Dedicated USMLE training/preparations during the course of study.
  5. High standards of living; Safe, secure and peaceful environment.
  6. Few universities here are run and facilities governed by Indian managements; Good number of Indian students.


The United States Medical Licensing Examinations is a 3 Step examination for medical licensure which is sponsored by the Federation of States Medical Board and the National Board of Medical Examiners.
USMLE assesses a physician’s ability to apply knowledge, principles, concepts, and demonstrate skills according to patients’ health and disease. Each step of the USMLE complements the other step, and no single step can stand alone in the assessment for medical licensure.


HealthcareSmartz – A global enterprise in the healthcare industry offers 4 years MBBS Program that gives students an opportunity to study and work in Jamaica and USA. The program comprises 2 years duration of Clinical Science program and the remaining 2 years are focused on Preclinical Science and their application to clinical medicine. Semester begins in January, May & September. Completing this program with good score opens your gates for USA, Australia and New Zealand.

MBBS Program

The Program starts with five sixteen week semester in Jamaica and sixth semester in Jamaica/USA. The first 2 years of curriculum focuses on Basic Science and its application. Upon successfully completing five semesters, students are given intensive training to pass US Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE Step 1) in our sixth semester with an option to receive this training at our Jamaica campus or USA.

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