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How a Nurse can Immigrate to Canada for a Rewarding Career?

How Nurses Can Immigrate To Canada

As per The Canadian Nurses Association (CNA), the need for nurses is projected to increase to 1.05 million by 2022. Further, as per baby boomers age, the number of people suffering from multiple chronic conditions is estimated to grow from 8.7 million to 37 million in 2030.

The shortage of nurses is resulting in job opportunities for internationally educated nurses who are seeking work opportunities in Canada either on permanent or temporary basis. An experienced nurse entering the nursing profession in Canada can expect to make just under $60,000. Registered nurses with more experience in a healthcare setting can earn up to $80,000.

As Canada opens its doors to the internationally trained nurses, there are things that nurses must follow to enable them to immigrate to live and work in Canada. All Canadian provinces have their own requirements and regulations, and mandatory educational requirements for a nurse in Canada. Therefore, aspiring nurses must be assessed by the nursing regulatory body in the province or territory they aim to live and work in. Additionally, there are options that allows nurses to immigrate to Canada without the above hassles – pursuing a nursing program with co-op from a Canadian college.

Top Quality of Nursing Education in Canada

That’s true. With all the necessary traits of best-in-class education system, Canadian colleges and universities offers practical clinical experience for nursing students clubbed with theories, research & development, clinical skills and much more. Different specialty programs offered by Canadian colleges strive to develop and enhance overall competency and ability of nurses, making them befit dynamic roles in healthcare industry.

Canadian nursing colleges have student-centric education system with nursing courses that are designed to inculcate clinical, technical and humanistic capabilities in nurses that prepares them to enter and prosper in the challenging field of nursing with utmost confidence.

Co-op Allows to Earn While You Learn

Apart from this, for foreign students there are host of advantages like for those enrolled in a course of minimum eight months at any accredited Canadian educational institution with a valid student visa permit is permitted to work 20 hours every week on their Student Visa itself. Which means, the students are not required to wait for six months and can start working as soon as they are registered with the college, either off-campus or on-campus.

Another aspect that leads to the preference of Canada is the higher remuneration and better perks. According to a research, new graduates from Canadian nursing colleges get highest starting salaries than their counterparts in other sectors or field.

Therefore, if you have plans to study and work abroad by pursuing higher education, you can enroll in any of the acclaimed colleges Abrod.