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Do You Have Healing Hands & a Caring Heart? There’s a Future For You in Canada..


Infographics here will show you everything in numbers and stats. Just as we say – a picture speaks a thousand words. The sole purpose of these imagery section is to help you understand what has happened in the past, what’s happening in the present and what would happen in the future in the world of health care jobs. Nurses, doctors, paramedics, other healthcare staff, education in abroad, career scope, growth potential and everything that will inspire you to take a leap is shown here in beautifully designed Infographics.

International Education In Canada - HealthcareSmartz Infographic
Primary Care Shortage In US - HealthcareSmartz Infographic
Nurse Practitioner Roles And Responsibilities - HealthcareSmartz Infographic
Doctors Shortage In Coming Years - HealthcareSmartz Infographic
Nursing Shortage - HealthcareSmartz Infographic

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Nursing Administration Program In Canada
Courtney M.
Practical Nursing Program

Sprott Shaw College would like to congratulate Courtney M. on her NEW JOB as a Practical Nurse at Victoria General Hospital at the Acute Neuro Rehabilitation unit.