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Study MBBS Program in Abroad

All over India, there are around 40,000 medical seats but the number of aspirants is more than 20 times the capacity. This is the reason that despite A-grade preparation and giving multiple entrance examinations, aspirants face disappointment.

On the other hand, there is a huge gap in the Doctor-Patient ratio. In 2013, the World Bank report showed that India had 7 doctors for every 1000 people, which is lesser than the ratio from several smaller countries.

Facts about Indian Medical System and Doctor-Patient ratio

There are very limited seats for medical education in the Indian Institutions, and the total expense of pursuing MBBS in private colleges surpasses what one needs to pay for MBBS education in the US, UK, or the other countries. This is the reason why medical students from India now prefer to pursue MBBS program from abroad.

Options for an Indian Medical Aspirant

Benefits of Studying MBBS from Abroad

  • Application and admission process is very simple
  • Students can study in English or any other preferred foreign language
  • Low tuition fee and living cost
  • No donation or capitalization fee
  • Foreign universities acknowledged by medical council of India and the World Health Organization
  • Exposure to the multi-cultural environment, expanding knowledge and experience
  • Good education quality

Things to look in an internationally recognized medical institute

Look for –

  • Medical Council of India Listed Universities – The universities abroad have started MCI coaching arrangements for students studying in their country, so that they are well prepared for the examination as they go back to their country.

  • World Health Organization Approved Universities – All the medical Institutes work and adhere to the guidelines and protocols of World Health Organization. Therefore, it is important for every medical organization in India and Abroad to be listed with WHO.

    Even though India has the most number of seats in the Medical education, still aspirants are not able to get admission in medical colleges. Moreover, higher fee structures have worsen the situation. Therefore, the best alternative medical students can opt for is studying abroad.

    HealthcareSmartz – A global enterprise in the healthcare industry offers 4 years MBBS Program that gives students an opportunity to study and work in Jamaica and USA. The program comprises 2 years duration of Clinical Science program and the remaining 2 years are focused on Preclinical Science and their application to clinical medicine. Semester begins in January, May & September. Completing this program with good score opens your gates for USA, Australia and New Zealand.

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