Work as a Registered Nurse in UAE

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As a nurse, you can move to United Arab Emirates for better career prospects, gain international exposure, immerse in a new culture, and earn competitively with the help of HealthcareSmartz. We have a team of professionals who can polish your skills, enhance your aptitude, and help you find jobs as per your experience and knowledge.

Opportunities for Indian Nurses in UAE

With the growing aging population in UAE, there is a high demand of healthcare professionals. Although there is not too much of a gap in the supply of physicians, surgeons and dentists, there is a sizeable gap in the number of nurses. Below are the facts that support the statement –

  • The UAE’s health industry is all set to generate more job opportunities, offer smart services and better quality of life starting from 2018.
  • With the increasing demand for chronic disease treatment, it is likely to trigger an increase in demand for more nurses by 2021.
  • Solely, Dubai hopes to attract 500,000 medical tourists a year by 2021.
  • Additionally, between 2017 and 2025, Dubai will require an addition of more than 3,800 beds, nearly 8,300 physicians and 8,800 nurses.

HealthcareSmartz – The Bridge between You and Your Nursing Career

HealthcareSmartz is bringing in job opportunities for nurses in the UAE healthcare industry based on their experience and qualifications. The promising aspects of the job is that the nurses will be working for UAE government hospitals and will be eligible for all the staff and pension benefits.

Job Title Staff Nurse
Category Healthcare
Location UAE
Qualification BSc/GNM
Eligibility NCAP Course and Prometric assessment
Application Process Through HealthcareSmartz

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